Complete Home Automation Solutions

As technology continues to advance and become cheaper, home owners can now have far more control over their home than ever before, using systems with more features that are simpler to install and manage. You want a home automation system that is reliable, capable, cheaper, and more feature-packed than anything that has come before, and AVE Integration in Greensboro NC is here to deliver on all fronts.


A true home automation system will give you total control over various systems in your home including lighting, HVAC, home theater, shades, home security and locks, and power.

Utilizing the latest Crestron products and technology, you are able to easily control nearly everything in your home, from room to room, by making use of powerful touchscreens and remotes, or from a smart device like a phone or tablet from anywhere, at any time.

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Adjust light levels for ceiling lights, cabinet lights, stairwell lights, and landscape lights manually or automatically. You can also schedule lights to turn on and off at certain times and specific how dim or bright the lights shine.

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Listen to your favorite music from nearly any source you wish including smart phones, satellite radio, home theater system and more. Depending on your system you can listen to music from different sources in various rooms so everyone hears what they want.

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Multi-room Video

Ever wanted to continue watching your movie or TV show in another room? Our systems make it easy. Pause what you’re watching in one room and resume watching in another. Access your Blu-ray or DVD player, DVR and other devices in every room simultaneously. There’s no need for separate video equipment for every room.

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Multi-room Audio

As with video, with a whole home audio system you can carry your favorite songs or other audio throughout the home. Continue listening as you move to another room, play audio across select rooms or every room of the home, or listen from different sources in different rooms. These whole house music systems allow you to stream audio from your home theater, Sirius or XM satellite radio, Internet radio, and AM/FM radio, as well as music from your iTunes library, or from a dedicated media server installed by AVE Integration.

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Home Security System

The safety of your family and friends is important, especially at home. With our Crestron touch panels, you can easily arm and disarm your security system including motions sensors as well as door and window sensors. You can also easily review every area of your home, a layout of your floor plan and access a panic button via any installed Crestron panel. By using a distributed video system, you can find out what is happening in any room, on the front porch, the backyard – anywhere that cameras are installed.

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For those who demand more advanced connectivity among devices in the home, AVE Integration can install a home networking system that allows you to easily access and share data and devices including files, music, video, documents, printers and other computers. Eliminate multiple printers and physically moving files from one device to another with our solution which allows you to access your data from any wired and wireless computer or smart device connected to your home network.

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