Lighting Control for Home and Business

AVE Integration offers integrated lighting control solutions – built with trusted Crestron technology, an industry leader in automated lighting – which add beauty, convenience, comfort and additional savings to the home. Even better, they lower utility bills and increase the home’s value and security.
home lighting control
Powerful, easy to use lighting control delivers precise, super-quiet one-touch control of electric and natural light. They can also be combined with more advanced entertainment, climate, and security controls, so you can control everything in your home anytime, anywhere, from elegant touch screens or your favorite smart devices like an iPhone or iPad.
crestron touch screens

Wired and Wireless Lighting Control

Low voltage wiring and/or RF control can be used throughout a wide range of system design scenarios, including traditional wiring with local intelligence or distributed, high voltage wiring with centralized and/or distributed intelligence systems.

We are also able to use Crestron infiNET™ wireless devices to provide a simple retrofit solution to expand existing systems. There is no limit to the number or types of devices because the system can grow as needed to accommodate any last minute changes or new additions. A lighting system built for expandability means more freedom in the future as your lighting needs change.

Selecting the proper equipment often depends on the kind of installation; new construction, major renovation, or minor retrofits each presents different design challenges. Wired network and wireless communications models are available to provide control and comfort to any room.

Room solution lighting products support applications utilizing conventional wiring topologies with in wall dimmers and switches installed as part of a hybrid system or for decentralized local control. These devices are designed to replace any standard in wall dimmer or switch and will functional stand-alone, providing simple control of lighting in the event of a network loss.

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