Home Theater Systems

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Located in Greensboro NC, we are expert home theater designers and can help you build the theater of your dreams.

If you’re looking for a quality home theater system in the Triad area that delivers excellent picture quality coupled with high fidelity sound, we are here to help.

While setting up a home theater is not totally outside the abilities of a tech-savvy do-it-yourselfer, our team of installation and service experts is here to ensure your system is installed properly and we are always prepared for the challenges that may arise when setting up receivers, mounting TVs, configuring universal remotes and connecting peripherals.

Before making the decision to install a home theater systems, it is important to plan ahead using the following steps.

Find the space

It’s best to first decide where the system will be installed. In many homes this will be the living room (family room), or possible a den or spare bedroom. Many newer homes are being built with dedicated entertainment rooms integrated in the floor plan, but in the end the decision is up to you.

Determine a budget

Now that you’ve decided which room to use for your home theater system, it’s time to decide how much you are able to spend on the system and installation. Current TVs and audio equipment vary widely in price, from smaller screens with stereo speakers, large flat-screens with a full surround sound system, or a projection system for an even larger setup. Our installers will work with you to help decide which equipment is best for your budget.

Planning the system

Now that a budget and location are in place, it’s time to establish exactly what equipment is needed. The larger portion of your budget should focus on the screen, because picture quality is the most important aspect of the home theater system. Remaining funds should go toward other components such as gaming console, DVD/Blu-ray player, speakers, and other peripherals. There are many options to select from, and an AVE Integration expert will be available to discuss them with you.

If you are ready to enjoy your movies, TV, music and gaming the way you have always wanted, call us today at (336) 383-8019, or contact us directly through our website.