Home Audio & Video Systems

AVE Integration has a passion for creating and installing quality video and sound systems for the home, and offering solutions to our customers that fit almost any budget. Whole-house audio and video systems should be as simple as possible to install and use while cutting no corners in performance quahttps://slotsups.com top ten reviews dash camlity. Our systems make distributing video and audio across your home an affordable reality and allow you to get even more out of your favorite devices and services like satellite TV, radio and iPods.


A single-source system can be utilized to listen to the same audio in multiple locations – like inside the kitchen and outside on the patio – or systems using multiple zones which enable you to listen to separate audio sources (iPod, satellite radio, phone, TV, etc) in different rooms.https://slotsups.com top ten reviews dash cam

At the heart of your home is the home theater system, and when you sit down to enjoy TV shows, movies or games, you want high quality sound and picture. From stereo speakers to speaker bars and full surround sound setup, you can enjoy clear, crisp audio on the latest in flat-screen TV panels.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Flat panel TV mounting
  • Universal remote installation and programming
  • iPhone home control (lighting, security, audio, video, climate control)
  • Custom home theater installation and design
  • Whole house audio and video systems
  • Whole house lighting and audio/video integration
  • Structured wiring