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5 Benefits of LED Home Landscape Lighting

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Your choices for landscape lighting has evolved through the years with the advancement of technology. Today, there are more choices for power sources, fixture, and bulb types. LED home landscape lighting is the top choice for homeowners who want to add some emphasis to their already beautiful landscape, ornaments, and plants.

Long Life

A high-power LED bulb can practically last as much as 25 times the life of an incandescent bulb, about 5 times the life of a compact fluorescent light, and almost twice that of a linear fluorescent light. Unlike conventional lighting, you do not have to worry about filaments that might break in LED bulbs.


LED home landscape lighting will save you a good amount of money because these lights are roughly 90 percent more efficient than conventional landscape lighting. Their size and how they emit light in specific direction further boost their efficiency. These bulbs require low voltage that makes it easy for outdoor settings and alternative power options if you want to stay off the grid.

Design Flexibility

Because they are highly efficient, you have various shapes and sizes of lights that can fit the overall look that you want to achieve in your garden or around your lot. LED bulbs can also be configured so you can easily dim or brighten your landscape lighting depending on the effects, mood, or look you want to achieve.

Safe Lighting Solution

LED home landscape lighting is among the safest form of outdoor lighting you can get. Since LED produce very little heat, it will not be cause of worry if you have little kids or pets who love playing around your lawn.

Green Choice

LED lighting solutions are your best choices if you want to go green and leave lesser carbon footprint. You basically help the environment with less energy used, less copper wires used during installation, and practically no need to replace bulbs.

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